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2020 scam format
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“2020 scam format” is why you are here but Before you read further, Ask Your Self these questions:

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Definition of Scam:

Scam means a fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt to obtain money or something else of value. Scam traditionally resided in confidence tricks, where an individual would misrepresent themselves as someone with skill or authority.


Scam Formats:

Scam formats are techniques, methods used by used by dishonest individuals to trick you into giving away your money, personal details or data by offering an attractive deal or false information.

Note: This article talks about the Latest 2020 scam format called Judas Scam Format which is the trending scam formats people are falling for.

Are you not tired of your present situation?

  1. Don’t you think it is time to leave a comfortable life?
  2. For how long do you want to remain this way with nothing to boost about when your mate are balling, driving latest cars, building mansion and establishing business?

I strongly believe you know the secret, it is not rituals as you may heard people saying, you cannot leave a comfortable life now a days if you are not into internet business of a thing.

Deep in your mind you want to make money and enjoy live but, you don’t want to take risk right?

Listen! Successful men are risk takers. However, you can’t make it far in life if you don’t take risk your friends cannot take, that is the secret no. #1.

Your Family Background dose not determine your future, you can change your family story if you take the risk successful people take.

This article covers the Latest 2020 scam format called Judas Scam Format which is the trending scam formats people are falling for.

Judas Scam is the latest 2020 scam format people are falling for; one thing I like about this format is; it does not take you up to 2 days you don cash out, provided you follow the format rules which is as simple as A, B, C.

However, The victim can’t go about reporting the scammer because you first make him participate too, now on how you finally scam him he had no choice, in fact in Judas scam format which  is the latest 2020 scam format people are falling for, you will not know you have been scammed, until you keep sending money to the scammer for like five (5) good times before your eyes open.

If you are reading this article, it is important to note that all information in this page is about Judas scam format which is the “latest 2020 scam format” people are falling for. However, we have also taken out time to explain everything in simple English.


I used Judas scam format and make #700,000 naira in a week, then I did not even work hard nor put enough effort, after a month I recover over 2.6 million naira using this new scam format.

Don’t worry if I can make such amount in a month from home without having a shop you too will make It even more, provided you are ready to leave a comfortable life this year, this year you must end a millionaire.

There is this saying that goes; if you don’t work you won’t see 1$. I and my students have been cashing out using Judas scam format for 2 months now, note it’s new and we are the first to write about this latest 2020 scam format people are falling for.


If you are here and reading this article compiled by me “The Young Money Boss” be happy, because it will only take you few minutes to change your whole entire life with the latest 2020 scam format called the “Judas scam format” which is the latest 2020 scam format people are falling for.

I have 4 legitimate platforms I get clients, these platforms have not cast yet, and mind you, I don’t share these platforms except to those who are in my circle “My Students Only”.

I discover these platforms 3 months ago, it has already make me millions monthly however, I’ve learnt not to share my tools, formats nor techniques with any yahoo boy because some Gee Boys are not worth helping at all.

Therefore in the off-chance that you were wondering “how to get legit clients” or “site to bomb” legit client or looking for “new scam formats people are falling for”, you shouldn’t worry provided you are here you will get everything.

These Apps are from different platforms and I guaranteed you legitimate client, you will be the one to run, coz client there are not smiling at all most especially if you are using a female account to work.

This New App (Sure Site to Bomb) Cost #5,000





The video cloning app changes:

  • Your male voice to female during call
  • It Changes your face to the picture you set as profile picture during your video call.
  • It Changes female voice to male voice.


Yes! The latest 2020 scam format called Judas scam format work for both foreign and local scam; “this is the new 2020 scam format people are falling for”.


We are the only Gang that can provide you with this new scam format, if you ask out there many don’t know because the format never cast


As the name implies; it is the new scam formats people are falling for, and the format never cast yet. I will give you this format with the site/apps to get legit client right now, with our video call tools.

With these, you stand a great chance of balling and making millions this year, your guys will be surprise, they will thing you are doing blood money, you will be called boss too, isn’t that amazing with just one trending format? if and only if you can keep the format secret, without unveiling it or telling people about it, you will make it this year a millionaire.

Wouldn’t you love to be called boss too? Of course you will..

with Judas scam format you will price Benz after hustling for a month, unless you are not a hustler, don’t worry I am available 24/7, I will help you.



Cash out depends on your focus or area of concentration, as for me; I do both local and foreign; continue reading while I summarize the two differences in a simple sentence.


The Local Scam;

The local scam is seen as the fast paying/ Cash out this day, talking from experience. With Judas scam format, 80k to 150k daily (everyday) cash out is guaranteed. (Don’t worry everything is well explained with examples in the format) i.e you bill each client to pay 10k or 15k.

Using first billing format, depending on your level of whining (Brain Work) don’t worry the formats will teach you all that. However, after reading the formats the first day, the 2nd day is cash out so get the format and enjoy as e dey hot!


The Foreign Scam;

The foreign scam is the Best when it comes to cash out, but this will take you up to a week before the cash out.

As for me and my student we don’t mind, as far as hustle is concern we gats double it, isn’t it?

The foreign scam will Buy your dream car, house and everything achieved in just a week with judas scam format.



Paying for the new 2020 scam formats called judas scam format shouldn’t be a problem as far as you have finally determine to be rich this year, it is not a must buy formats, in fact when I was compiling this articles Yesterday, one of my student asked! why do you want to cast this format boss?

I told him, it is time I reveal the format to those who haven’t make money before since the day they started yahoo yahoo way.  It is so painful, to see a Gee scamming a fellow Gee because he needed help from you, which that is what most Guys are doing now.

All I am saying in the essence is that, this format is only for those whose dream is to leave comfortable this year. If you want to remain in poverty continue searching Google every day for “latest scam formats, it is not my business; lol….

All I know is that; it takes a strong heart to make money as a yahoo boy… therefore in the off-chance where you are not ready to use money and leave your dream life, you have no one to be blame bcoz some of us started fending for our self when we were at age 14.

I told my student last week that I don’t play by the rules because life is not fair, so you shouldn’t be fair too.

However, the price for this format is N10, 000

Text/Call; 08143977661.


It is important to note that; it is not mandatory to pay when you are not ready to make money this year. However, this is a one-time payment which includes;

  1. The format
  2. Tools (cloning tools)
  3. Full support/techniques till cash out.
  4. You also Added to our group were you receive updates.

How Many Days Dose It Takes To Cash Out Using Judas Scam Format?

As already explained in this page, this new scam format takes three days in local scam and a week in foreign if you follow the format rules and hustle.






Note, we have took out time to explain how this scams are operate, mind you we are not talking about the complete format used for each of the format listed below, so in the off chance that you need the tools or the complete format to work kindly contact us and go straight to the point when requesting for tools or complete formats to work with any of the below listed scam methods.


  1. Phishing email scams (Spamming):

Phishing which you know as spamming is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Phishing email scam is typically carried out by email spoofing or instant messaging; it often directs users to enter personal information at a fake website which matches the look and feel of the legitimate site.

Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques being used to deceive users. Users are often lured by communications purporting to be from trusted parties such as social web sites, auction sites, banks, online payment processors or IT administrators.


Want to Learn Spamming? It cost 100$ (35K) to learn Phishing which you know as Spamming; Click Here To Learn


  1. Advance-fee scam;

An advance-fee scam is a form of fraud and one of the most common types of confidence tricks. The scam typically involves promising the victim a significant share of a large sum of money, in return for a small up-front payment, which the fraudster requires in order to obtain the large sum.


  1. Greeting card scams;

You’ve just received a notification that someone has sent you an e-greeting card. Don’t be tempted to open it!

Scammers have jumped on the popularity of free electronic greeting or post cards, using them to infect your computer with malicious software.

Scammers are using the names of legitimate e-card companies, claiming your son, daughter, family member or colleague has sent you an e-card. Sometimes the email contains a person’s name.

You are asked to click on a link that appears to be a legitimate e-card site.

However, it is not. The links will lead to a website where malicious software may be clandestinely downloaded and installed on your computer.


  1. Bank loan or credit card scam;

People can be easily scammed by “too good to be true” bank offers that might guarantee large amounts of money and have already been pre-approved by the bank. If such an incredible pre-approved loan is offered to you, ask yourself:

“How is it possible for a bank to offer you such a large sum of money without even checking and analyzing your financial situation?”

Though it may seem unlikely for people to get trapped by this scam, there are still a big number of people who lost money by paying the “mandatory” processing fees required by the scammers.


  1. Lottery scam;

This is another classic Internet scam which doesn’t seem to get old. A lottery scam comes as an email message informing you that you won a huge amount of money and, in order to claim your prize or winnings, you need to pay some small fees.

Lucky you, right?! It doesn’t even matter that you don’t recall ever purchasing lottery tickets.

Since it addresses some of our wildest fantasies, such as quitting our jobs and living off the fortune for the rest of our lives, without ever having to work again, our imagination falls prey easily to amazing scenarios someone can only dream of.

But the dream ends as soon as you realize you have been just another scam victim.


  1. Hitman scam;

One of the most frequent Internet scams you can meet online is the “hitman” extortion attempt. Cyber criminals will send you an email threatening to extort money from you. This type of online scam may come in various forms, such as the one threatening that they will kidnap a family member unless a ransom is paid in a time frame provided by the scammers.

To create the appearance of real danger, the message is filled with details from the victim’s life, collected from an online account, a personal blog or from a social network account.

That’s why it’s not safe to provide any sensitive or personal information about you on social media channels. It might seem like a safe and private place, where you’re only surrounded by friends, but in reality, you can never know for sure who’s watching you.


  1. Online dating (romance) scams;

As the Internet plays an important role in our social lives, with apps like Facebook or Instagram we access every day, it’s inevitable to use apps to look for love as well.

Online dating apps are very popular these days and they are a great way to meet your future life partners. I have actually an example with a friend of mine who was lucky enough to find her future husband on a dating site.

But not all scenarios have a “happy end” like this one, and you need to be very careful because you never know who can you meet.

A romance scam usually takes place on social dating networks, like Facebook, or by sending a simple email to the potential target, and affect thousands of victims from all over the world.

The male scammers are often located in West Africa, while the female scammers are mostly from the eastern parts of Europe.

Cyber criminals have abused this scamming method for years by using online dating services. They improved their approach just by testing the potential victims’ reactions.

According to research published in the British Journal of Criminology last month, the techniques (and psychological methods) used by scammers in online romance scams are similar to those used in the domestic violence cases.

To avoid becoming a victim of these Internet scams, you need to learn how to better protect yourself.

Knowing that hundreds of women and men from all over the globe are victims of this online scams, we recommend using these security tips for defensive online dating, including warning signs that could help you from becoming an easy target.


  1. Fake antivirus software;

We all saw at least once this message on our screens: “You have been infected!

Many of these pop-ups were very well created to look like legitimate messages that you might get from Windows or any other security product.

If you are lucky, there is nothing more than an innocent hoax that will bother you by displaying unwanted pop-ups on your screen while you browse online. In this case, to get rid of the annoying pop-ups, we recommend scanning your system using a good antivirus product.

If you are not so lucky, your system can end up getting infected with malware, such as a Trojan or a keylogger. This kind of message could also come from one of the most dangerous ransomware threats around, such as CryptoLocker, which is capable of blocking and encrypting your operating system and requesting you a sum of money in exchange for the decryption key.

To avoid this situation, we recommend enhancing your online protection with a  specialized security product against financial malware and complement your traditional antivirus program.

Also, make sure you do not click on pop-up windows that annoyingly warn you’ve been infected with a virus. Remember to always apply the existing updates for your software products, and install only legitimate software programs from verified websites.


  1. Facebook impersonation scam (hijacked profile scam);

Facebook. Everyone is talking about it these days and the scandal about Cambridge Analytica firm harvesting personal data taken from millions of this social media channel without users’ consent.

It’s still the most popular social media network where everyone is active and uses it on a daily basis to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. Unfortunately, it has become also the perfect place for online scammers to find their victims.

Just imagine your account being hacked by a cyber criminal and gaining access to your close friends and family. Nobody wants that!

Since it is so important for your privacy and online security, you should be very careful in protecting your personal online accounts just the way you protect your banking or email account.


  1. Make money fast scams (Economic scams)

Cyber criminals will lure you into believing you can make money easy and fast on the internet. They’ll promise you non-existent jobs, including plans and methods of getting rich quickly.

It is a quite simple and effective approach, because it addresses a basic need for money, especially when someone is in a difficult financial situation.

This scamming method is similar to the romance scam mentioned above, where the cyber attackers address the emotional side of victims. The fraudulent posting of non-existent jobs for a variety of positions is part of the online criminals’ arsenal.

Using various job types, such as work-at-home scams, the victim is lured into giving away personal information and financial data with the promise of a well-paid job that will bring lots of money in a very short period of time.


  1. Bitcoin scams;

If you (want to) invest in Bitcoin technology, we advise you to be aware of online scams. Digital wallets can be open to hacking and scammers take advantage of this new technology to steal sensitive data.

Bitcoin transactions should be safe, but these five examples of Bitcoin scams show how they happen and how you can lose your money.


The most common online scams to watch out for:

  1. Fake Bitcoin exchanges
  2. Ponzi schemes
  3. Everyday scam attempts
  4. Malware


  1. Fake shopping websites;

We all love shopping and it’s easier and more convenient to do it on the Internet with a few clicks. But for your online safety, be cautious about the sites you visit. There are thousands of websites out there that provide false information and might redirect you to malicious links, giving hackers access to your most valuable data.

If you spot a great online offer which is “too good to be true”, you might be tempted to say “yes” instantly, but you need to learn how to spot a fake shopping site so you don’t get scammed.


  1. Job offer scams;

Sadly, there are scammers everywhere – even when you are looking for a job – posing as recruiters or employers. They use fake and “attractive” job opportunities to trick people.

It starts with a phone call (or a direct message on LinkedIn) from someone claiming to be a recruiter from a well-known company who saw your CV and saying they are interested in hiring you. Whether you’ve applied or not, the offer might be very appealing, but don’t fall into this trap.


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